IV Therapy

iv therapyIt’s a well-known fact that vitamins are good for you. They get even better when are not taken the old-fashioned way – orally, but are injected instead. We are all familiar with B12 injections; you can get them practically on every corner. It gives you energy and boosts your metabolism. But imagine if a vitamin injection could help with, or prevent a heart condition, depression, fibromyalgia, or even hangover.

Intravenous vitamin injections are getting more and more popular. When injected via IV, the concoction of vitamins and minerals goes directly into your blood stream, instead of getting trapped in your stomach. The main benefit of vitamin IV injections is that higher than normal vitamin levels can be achieved almost instantly, which may lead to a fast therapeutic response of the treated condition.

Myers’ Cocktail.

Myers’ cocktail was invented over 30 years ago by a Baltimore doctor John Myers. It is a mixture of vitamins and minerals, which contains magnesium, calcium, B12, B6, B5, vitamin B complex and vitamin C. The concoction can be customized according to individual needs and is slowly injected via IV.

Myers’ cocktail is used to treat and prevent a wide range of health conditions. It is indicated for people who suffer from MS, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, depression, fatigue, congestive heart failure, angina, COPD, allergies, asthma, ischemic vascular disease, acute infections, senile dementia and even common cold, to name a few.

The “cocktail” quickly became very popular among celebrities, because it can help to relieve symptoms associated with hangover and drug withdrawals. It even earned a name as “ A Party Girl Drip”.

Many of us lead busy, hectic lives, and often times fail to get sufficient amount of vitamins in the diet. Myers’ cocktail is a quick, effective way to replenish the vitamins and get hydration into your body.

Myers’ cocktail is generally well tolerated by most people and has a low risk of adverse side effects. You may experience a sensation of warmth and flushing during the procedure, this is due to magnesium. Or you may have metal taste in your mouth shortly after the infusion. But this is good. It means that vitamins and minerals are rushing through your blood stream, on their way to relieve your symptoms and give you energy.

Myers’ cocktail might be just for you, even if you do not suffer from any serious illness. It can give you energy to make it through the day and help fight common cold and even hangover.