Medical Weight Loss

We understand that dieting can be quite frustrating, especially, when after all the struggle, you gain all the weight back, if not more. Overweight and obesity present increased risk of having coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke, sleep apnea, gall bladder disease and even some forms of cancer. Even if you lose a small amount of weight, you may decrease the risks of developing health problems.

Our programs will help you improve metabolism, increase energy levels, reduce hunger, control appetite and cravings for fats and carbs.  Our objective is to develop in you healthy eating habits and to provide long lasting results. Nu Image MD’s medical staff will help you choose a weight loss program that best fits your lifestyle and weight loss goal.

HCG Diet. 

HCG diet utilizes human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone, which is naturally produced during pregnancy. It works by stimulating fat burning process and turns excess body fat into energy, allowing to consume low amounts of calories without feeling hungry or exhausted. The biggest advantage of the HCG diet is burning abnormal body fat and not muscle. It is fat loss rather than weight loss!

One of main concerns for most people, when they are trying to lose weight, is regular exercise. Majority of us don’t have time or, let’s admit it, desire to go to the gym on regular basis. HCG diet doesn’t require exercise. We actually recommend you to avoid any strenuous workouts throughout the program! The protocol for the HCG diet requires you to consume a certain amount of calories per day. If you burn too many calories, it might shut down your metabolism, resulting in fewer pounds lost.

HCG can be administered via injections, pellets or drops. Injections were found to be more effective, because the HCG hormone gets in your blood stream, and you don’t need to depend on your body’s absorption. When taking pellets and drops HCG is absorbed under the tongue, and to know if enough of the hormone actually got into your blood stream is impossible.

The biggest criticism of the HCG diet is a very low calorie intake. The truth is, that it is not a starvation diet but a well-balanced plan, which supplies your body with 2000 energy calories by burning unnecessary fat. Hunger and weakness are not usually felt; on the contrary, most patients report almost no appetite and increased energy levels.

During the diet you will go through 4 phases. We will provide you with guidebook, which gives thorough instructions and explains all the steps and phases in detail. Our coaching team is also available over the phone or in person to answer any questions or concerns you might have during the program, to ensure that you reach your weight loss goal.

An average weight loss during a 6-week course for women is 25-40 lb, men 30-47 lb. To increase the weight loss average and to help maintain achieved results you might want to incorporate our fat burners.

Our medical staff will determine whether you are a candidate for the HCG diet. Join Area 21 family to become a thinner, healthier, younger self.

Appetite suppressants.

 When you restrict your calorie and carb intake, you end up feeling hungry, craving sugary, fatty foods and failing to lose the weight. But the food cravings can be overcome, appetite reduced, and the weight will begin to decrease, once started on our appetite suppressant. The appetite suppressant is used in combination with diet, exercise, fat burners, vitamins and amino acids to successfully treat overweight and obesity.

Our medical staff will help you understand the importance of portion, timing and right decisions when it comes to nutrition. Appetite suppressant is just one of the tools to achieve your weight loss goal without feeling hungry and tired all the time. Besides reducing your appetite, it will also bring down your cravings of unhealthy foods, and will boost your energy levels and mood.

Appetite suppressant may be a way to successfully start your weight loss. But it should become part of a plan that includes healthy eating habits and regular exercise to maintain achieved results, and not gain all the weight back.

Appetite suppressants, however, are not a good weight loss option for everyone. Based on your medical history and life style, Nu Image MD’s staff will determine, if you are a good candidate for this particular weight loss program, or whether another plan would work better for you.